Mothercare sponsors Sing and Sign Malta

The multi-award winning British baby development programme Sing and Sign recently opened its first franchise outside the UK here in Malta. To date, the programme, which was developed with the help of speech and language experts has taught thousands of parents across the UK how to sing and sign with their babies, enabling and encouraging amazing early communication.

Using simple signing for the most important key words babies are starting to learn is widely recognised by speech and language experts as beneficial in encouraging the development of a child’s speech. Babies use all kinds of signs and gestures as a natural part of learning to talk. Encouraging your baby with extra signs like milkmorechange nappy or tired will simply help your baby communicate sooner allowing mother and baby to “talk” to each other before the speech development stage.

Mothercare customers and members of the Pampers Baby Club had the opportunity to attend a free session at Mothercare and introduce their babies to this entertaining way of learning. The feedback was overwhelming. The mothers’ reaction to the singing was instant delight and the greatest pleasure was the expression of comprehension that crossed their faces when they began to understand how to use singing in order to communicate basic needs.

For further information on Sing and Sign sessions contact Andrea on 7965 6536 or or visit for online bookings.


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